Hi, I'm Dan Padmore
  and I love building modern software

I develop digital products and business applications in any industry.


Experienced software developer

For over a decade I have specialized in Microsoft technologies and open Web technologies, with the Internet being my platform of choice.

I prefer to work on all technical aspects of a project and handle the complete application lifecycle.

I've learned the hard way this is the only way to truly get a sense of ownership of your work, which is the key to delivering stellar results.

Since this goes against the way software projects are ususally organized nowadays - with tasks being split across disparate teams who lose sight of the bigger picture - you can imagine working with me, means challenging the status quo :)

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Selected technical skills: Azure technologies, ASP.NET Core, Angular, Web API, NServiceBus, SQL Server, WCF, TDD, VSTS, Jenkins, Microsoft Certified Professional, and more...

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